Why does it always end in tears after the baby is born.

It seems as if most of Mzansi Celebrity relationships always ends in tears after the baby is born. Like many always say Mjolo is a pandemic and is not meant for everyone.

Why does most celebrity relationships end in tears after the baby is born. Relationships and breakups are stressful and some can even end up depressed.

Mjolo does not respect title, status, job neither does it respect your riches. We wouldn’t be seeing most celebrity relationships ending if it had respect for that.

Most Celebrity relationships always end after the baby is born because the needs physical, emotional and financial support. Not every father can sacrifice all that for their kids especially when it comes to emotional and physical support.

We have compile a list of Mzansi celebrity relationships that has ended in tears after the baby is born.

1.Simpiwe Ngema and Tino Chinyani

Simpiwe and Tino Chinyani’s relationship was admired by many. They all looked happy on the pictures they posted on their social media pages. In 2020, Simphiwe Ngema announced both her pregnancy and the father of her unborn child to the world.

“Indeed there is a God in heaven. He wiped away my tears and gave me joy in abundance. You’ve brought hope and purpose to my life @tino_chinyani.”

Their relationship only survived for 1 year.

2.Dj Zinhle and AKA

DJ Zinhle and AkA started dating in 2012 after they met in a club. Two years later in 2014 the couple announced that they were expecting their first child. Kairo was born in July of 2015. In August 2015 Dj and AKA released a joint statement announcing their breakup. Although they later got back together in 2019 but it it did not last as they broke up again in 2020

3.Pearl Modiade

What started as rumor ended being a reality when it comes to Pearl Modiade and his baby daddy Nathaniel Oppenheimer. Their relationship did not last, a few months after the baby was born they had already broke up. Even though the two are no longer in a relationship they are still celebrating each other.

Ntando Duma and Junior de Rocka

What makes Ntando Duma and Junior de Rocka’s relationship worse is that the two split after Duma Ntando fell pregnant. Their first child Sbahle Mzizi was born in 2017 after they had already broken up

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