Actor Shona Ferguson has passed away.

Actor and television director Shona Ferguson has sadly passed away at the age of 47. He passed away at Milpark Private hospital in the afternoon of Friday 30 July 2021.

Last 4 days it was reported that Shona Ferguson was hospitalized in local hospital after undergoing a heart surgery. He had complained about chest pains and underwent a major heart surgery.

Conrad Mwanza the family spokesperson has confirmed that Shona Ferguson died today in the afternoon.

“Everything is still fresh and family is still trying to process everything, especially Connie who was very close to Shona and loved him deeply, and they are asking to be given an opportunity to mourn in private as this is a very difficult time in their lives”

A source which was preferred not to be named confirmed that he died from covid-19

“He was still in the ICU and he was not stable at all. You know with the covid-19 complications, one moment you are okay and then you are not and then your health starts deteriorating. And the wife was here almost everyday to check up on him”

Shona Ferguson’s sister has also confirmed the news about his death.

“We prayed, we fasted, we cried but God still find it neccessary to call you home, its been a trying time but God will strengthen us…Rest in Peace my brother Rest. PLEASE KINDLY ALLOW THIS TRYING TIME WE UNDERSTAND SHO WAS A PEOPLE’S PERSON AND YOU LOVE HIM BUT THE FAMILY IS REALLY GOING THRU A LOT RIGHT NOW”

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