Sad news: Zoleka Mandela dumps her husband.

Nelson Mandela’s grandchild Zoleka Mandela has revealed to the public that she is now separated from her husband Thierry Bashala.

The two have been together for 8 years and they have been married for 6 years. They got married in 2014 and have two beautiful children together.

Zoleka revealed that her marriage with Thierry Bashala eroded her self esteem, independence and emotional state.

“It’s taken me two years to leave a relationship that no longer serves me, one that has eroded (for far too many years) my self esteem, independence, my mental and emotional state”.

She further stated that leaving someone you once loved reaffirms your strength and leaves you feeling more liberated.

“Leaving someone you once loved, reaffirms your strengths, it leaves you feeling more liberated and forces you to look into yourself and to move on even when you’re more comfortable staying in a relationship that (for the worst part) leaves you feeling invisible and undervalued … because you have a fear of abandonment and a fear of being alone”.

Besides being known as Nelson Mandela’s grandchild, she is also a Breast Cancer Survivor, activist and a writer.

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