Is the increase in confirmed positive covid-19 cases in Zimbabwe political?

Just recently Zimbabwe has experienced a sharp increase in the number of confirmed covid-19 cases. On 16 July only positive cases were at its highest peak.

Confirmed covid-19 cases were 273 recorded for just one day and of the 273, 260 were local transmissions. Some days ago 5 deaths were recorded in a day.

Truth be told, covid-19 is amongst us but are the numbers being announced real or they are fake just scare away the 31 July Demo. There is a demonstraton organised by the opposition which is going to take place on 31 July.

Will the demo proceed after the government have announced these new covid-19 positive cases.

Today, the secretary for information announced that the decesead in Gweru who succumbed to covid-19 had 26 contacts at the hospital he was admitted to. The patient was admitted for other sickness but it was later found out that the patient was infected with covid-19.

The threat to our existence is real, in Gweru we have 26 contacts to a deceased patient who was admitted at a local hospital for another ailment but later tested positive to COVID-19. Tests are being carried out to ascertain the status the contacts.

Nick Mangwana

For someone to survive after getting infected with covid-19 you need to have a strong immune system, if not you are going die. So it worthy to proceed with the demo on 31 July? Should Zimbabweans wait till the covid-19 pandemic is over.

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