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Mudiwa Hood’s shocking cheating allegations.

Mudiwa hood’s ex wife took to Instagram to express how she felt about Mudiwa’s infidelity.

Mudiwa posted a picture with his son and his baby mama was not feeling the picture in any way. The baby mama took the chance and shamed him whilst his fans are watching.

The baby mama had this to say

“You pretend to the world to be the best husband best dad… yet you are a liar an a cheat. If only the World truly knew who you are… but when you post our son on social media without my consent….now we got big problems…we agreed he will choose if he wants to be on social media. The same way we agreed i don’t want anyone to i am pregnant before i gave birth….I still smiled and waved.. but with my son…this will not happen.”

“Thsi is a father who cheated on his wife ….now he has a child he uses that child as another gimmick.”

“You can block me anywhere but don’t use my son as a gimmick in your fake life.”

“I will not allow my son to be involved in this fake life and lies.”

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